Introduction of Dajin Agricultural Leisure Area

The environment is quiet, green and the air is fresh. You will feel like this when you step into the Dajin.


     The area is closely between Luo Dong River and Yeh Fen Mountain, and is pure and tranquil. In addition to the endless orchards, it would not be seen any acre of paddy fields in the village. Therefore, they provide fruit picking for all seasons, and make full of brewing and pickling preserves that is recognized as a major feature in Dajin area. In addition, you must not miss Private spots such as Taiya Cultural Aboriginal settlement, Hanxi Suspension Bridge, and the Guru Ancient Trail.

     Dajin Agricultural Leisure Area is located in the south of Meihua Lake, Dajin Village, Dongshan Township. At the upper reaches of Dongshan River, it is a flat terrain that Tancoia River and Luo Dong River both are pass by. They face each other, and give feelings of silence and plain. The geology is a kind of alluvial gravel soil that is suitable for the cultivation of various kinds of fruit trees. In addition to the endless orchard, it would not be seen any acre of paddy fields in the village that is recognized as a major feature in Dajin area and with about 20 industries so far.

     The area is rich in fruits and Oldham bamboo shoots, and its special features are local Black Slate building houses. You can experience lots of amusements such as fruit eco-packaged experience activities, fruit and wine activities, candied fruit experience. Therefore, fruit culture is the main feature in Dajin area.


     This block is initially approved as the sightseeing orchard in Taiwan. It is close to the Meihua Lake Scenic Area, the Sanqing Temple of Taoism head temple, and the Hanxi settlement of Taiwanese aborigines. The place is isolated from unaffected by urbanization. Furthermore, it retains typical rural features. Dajin block industry has three main production crops, including fruits, oldham bamboo shoots and part of tea. In the recent years, it has actively developed tourism orchards and also planed “the fruit ecological experience activities” as its goal. Moreover, the leisure agriculture companies of its integration region build strategic alliances to establish a leisure agricultural feature of fruit culture production.


     Xiao Bi Zai is the main life center of the block, and the flat water resources in the center of the village are still abundant. The main settlements are concentrated on both sides of the Yi-33 Highway. The number of tourists frequently visits the village on holidays, and the orchard experience provides them to visit, feed, participate in the production in person and the joy of production and processing.

     Black slate is a special product of Fanshe pit in the community. The black slate is a sedimentary rock with about 8-15 cm thick and 15-30 cm diameter. In the 60s and 70s of the Republic of China, it can be used as a step stone for the garden by the gardening. The community college set up a stone painting class to give black slate an alternative artistic life by painting until 2001.


     It located in the borderlands of Lanyang Plain. In early years of land reclamation, the slate houses can be traced to creativity of ancestors. On both sides of the road to Hanxi, there are wax apple, mandarine oranges, tankans, kumquats, peaches and plums in Dajin agricultural leisure orchard. You can pick them every month. Imagine the colorful and floral fruity flowers are blooming. The whole valley is lavishly scented with fruity essential such as the large perfume. Into the orchard, you will see the black slate in the creek bed that is transformed into a painting by the master's training. It is decorated in the exhibition center and the villagers' homes. In the whole year, the diverse fruits provide sightseeing and fruit picking.