Dajin agricultural resources


Xiao Bi Zai area is gravelly loam soil with good drainage and ventilation. There is abundant rainfall, and the air is fresh and non-pollution. Farmers use their outstanding technique to development a variety of high quality fruit diligently. According to the season, it produces different kinds of fruit. Xiao Bi Zai area belongs to gravel loam soil with good drainage and penetration, plenty of rainwater, fresh air and non-pollution.

As the local saying goes, "Rogues are running in Xiao Bi Zai on May and June." Sweet peaches are in season on May to June. In holiday, visitors will certainly wipe peaches before they eat. Therefore, the local people called them "loitering" (Taiwanese sounds like "Toshit-thô").

In the spring, Xiao Bi Zai is full of flowers. There is a magnificent pink sea of flowers with perfectly manicured peach garden. Furthermore, the rich flowers fragrance of oranges and grapefruits open one after another, and suffuse in every corner of Xiao Bi Zai

The roads along of Xiao Bi Zai are vigorous in season from sweet peach, wax apple and orange.  Farmers sell their own fresh fruits on the roadside for tourists. If you want to experience the fruit picking, you can collect fruits at the mess of orchards.