Farm experience

Dajin Organic Farm

     Dajin Organic Farm has gained MBOA-C-001 certification, organic agricultural products certification and organic agricultural processed product certification.

     The main products: pomelo, kumquat, guava, yam, angelicae sinensis, bamboo sprout, soybean, black soybean, peanut and so on. Organic yam, pumpkins, fruits and vegetables had been verified to be 3.07 hectares. Organic agriculture is a future trend that it does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover, it has many benefits for protecting the land and human health. The farm provides farm experience teaching, agricultural special product order delivery service, fruits and vegetables harvesting and DIY.


【Contact information】

Tel : +886-3-9589120
Cell : +886-937-069350, +886-937-910280
Fax : +886-3-9583071
E-mail :
Address : No.58, Jinxing Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
GPS : 24°38'10"N 121°42'23"E